Keeping it fresh for 17 years

Before fresh was cool and organic was a thing.

We loved food,

So, the obvious thing to do was a buy a Deli! With a key to the front door of a deli we’d have unlimited access to cheese and delicious things anytime! So 17 years ago we bought Delanny’s Delicatessen in St Heliers.
We were given the keys and were full of excitement and anticipation. But on the first day we opened we had no staff, systems or experience.
So we went about learning all things food and deli. We worked seven days and every hour of those days we could. We became renowned for fresh and fantastic take home meals.
One day a customer walked in and said ‘I love your food, do you do weddings’ we said… ‘absolutely, of course we do’!

With no experience, no equipment, not even a van and just one employee we embarked on the journey to do a 200 person wedding. Nailed it and then we got another one.
It was then we reimagined our business. We took a minute and realised our future was not written in stone. We didn’t need the deli.
In a bold move we closed the deli (which was 85% of our revenue now gone) and we launched Orange Gourmet, our catering business. We worked bloody hard and continued to expand The Wharf and then Orakei Bay.
In a sign of the times and our growth we rebranded again to better reflect our team, clients and vision to ‘Collective’.
Today we are spread across Auckland and Wellington with a proud team who love what they do.

Plated Menu

Visionaries in our field

As visionaries in our field, our talents lie not only in our creativity but in our attention to detail. Before your food reaches you, every member of staff will be checked, quizzed and rechecked. Our kitchens are managed with almost military precision; a characteristic you may not naturally associate with such imaginative design. Our diverse team of talented and dedicated staff ensures that we deliver every aspect of your event with the same level of excellence.

Creating perfection

Our team of chefs, led by our Internationally trained Executive Head Chef, create exquisite dishes that creates the experience of ‘The Theatre of Food’ for your Guests. We like to think of our relationships between our chefs, our event team and you; as a collaboration. We work with you, using our knowledge of food logistics and your venue, combined with your vision for your event.


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Sustainability, ethics and social enterprise

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